A commercial break-through


The new studios also mean new commercial opportunities for Channel TV

THE move to La Pouquelaye has, in one area of operation, made no difference at all to the Sales and Marketing Department. That area is the sale of advertising time on television. For the last few years the enthusiasm of Channel Islands business houses for television advertising has been enormous. Despite that demand we have deliberately kept our charges down so that even the smallest businesses can afford on-screen publicity.

On a purely selfish level there has been a vast difference in space and comfort. And, for the first time, all facets of the department are together — Television, Channel TV Times, Channel Oracle, Infodata and even Phone-a-Job. Actually, it’s not really purely a selfish level. All parts of the Sales and Marketing Department are interdependent and complementary. Being together improves efficiency and the service we can give local advertisers.

Sales department. Inset, Mike Le Cocq
Sales Director Mike Le Cocq and his department

But, more than anything else, the move to La Pouquelaye will enable us to produce even better commercials. The 1800 square feet of Studio A means that we can expand our concepts of what can be done in a studio setting. In addition, new technical wizardry means that we have in-house facilities that previously necessitated a journey to the UK.

It’s not only local advertisers who have been quick to see the benefits of the Channel Television studio set up. Already we have received a phone call from a south of England advertising agency. They worked with us some time ago, heard about La Pouquelaye and asked if we would be available to make a series of at least ten and possibly fifteen television commercials.

That’s a great start. But our priorities remain with our local advertisers. It’s they who will enjoy the benefits of the new Television Centre.


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