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Channel Television moves into studios at La Pouquelaye in 1988

The Applicants are most conscious of the fact if they were honoured by the award of the contract by the Authority, they would be taking part in an experiment in which they are determined to be successful in their attempt to bring an independent commercial television service to a smaller community than has probably ever been attempted elsewhere.

CTV studios

Major John Riley
Major John Riley, Chairman

The words are from Channel Television’s original application for the ITV contract for the Channel Islands in March, 1960. It was indeed an experiment and a brave one. Another small contractor, Wales West & North, went on the air after Channel but soon foundered, and to this day Channel Television remains by far the smallest of the 15 ITV Regions.

It took many years before the Company could be sure that its determination to provide the community with its own television service had been successful. Now, nearly 30 years after the late George Troy and his founder colleagues made their statement, the Company is making another important declaration, but this time it is allowing actions to speak.

By creating the new Television Centre at La Pouquelaye Channel is affirming its total commitment to the continuation of local public service broadcasting in the Channel Islands now and into the foreseeable future.


The Lee Barnard Collection in the Transdiffusion Archives

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