Test your TV memory


Test your knowledge of Channel Television and ITV between 1962 and 1987!

TWENTY-FIVE years of ITV programmes from Channel. Now test your memory with this special quiz. There are no prizes — just the satisfaction of being proved right.


#1. Name the first two announcers on Channel who quickly became popular with viewers?

#2. In the original long running Robin Hood series, who played the hero?

#3. Before The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan was Danger Man. What was his character?

#4. Can you name Channel TV’s first Chairman?

#5. Ready, Steady, Go! was the pop show of the sixties. Who was the long-haired hostess?

#6. What was the title of the comedy series that brought together Sid James and Peggy Mount?

#7. In Dear Mother, Love Albert who was Albert?

#8. Do you know Oscar Puffin’s full name?

#9. Who were the two stars brought together for the hit series The Persuaders?

#10. What was John Thaw’s rank as Regan in The Sweeney

#11. Name the two former members of Channel’s newsroom team who now sit in the Jersey States

#12. Who played Edgar Wallace’s mild-mannered detective in The Mind of Mr J. G. Reeder?

#13. Name the fictional series about trials set in a French court?

#14. Upstairs, Downstairs was the dramatic story of which family and their servants?

#15. Barry Foster played Dutch detective Van der Valk, based on whose books?

#16. Who played Arthur of the Britons and later founded Lukes Kingdom?

#17. Who presents Channel’s video review programme, Video Club?

#18. Who played Moody and Pegg?

#19. In the award winning drama series Edward VII who played Edward?

#20. Mia Farrow played Peter Pan in a lavish production of J. M. Barrie’s story. Who starred as Captain Hook?

#21. Who was the celebrated director of Jesus of Nazareth?

#22. Name the BAFTA Best Actress award winner for her role as Lillie (Langtry)?

#23. Who starred as Thomas and Sarah in the spin-off series from Upstairs, Downstairs?

#24. Joanna Lumley and David McCallum played two supernatural investigators. What was the name of the series?

#25. Who is the host of The Dodo Club?



You seem to know all that there is to know about Channel Television and ITV between 1962 and 1987! Well done!

Ooh, bad luck. Best go read a website all about Channel Television and ITV between 1962 and 1987!


The Lee Barnard Collection in the Transdiffusion Archives

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