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A new part of the CTV family

ON July 1,1987 a small group of Channel Television staff gathered to mark a very special occasion. The event, the first birthday of the newest enterprise of Channel Television — Creative Channel.

Channel Television has long been a pioneer of fast, efficient methods of picture gathering and massive developments in video technology have brought great demand from all spheres of the business world.

The video production industry is booming. Who says so? The Sunday Times for a start. A recent article estimated that the corporate video market in Britain will be worth up to £200 million this year.

That’s a big investment, but hundreds of top companies think it’s money well spent in improving in-house training, communications with staff and shareholders, the promotion of products and services — or any area of commerce and industry where the combination of sound and vision has a greater impact than traditional methods.

A woman works a video recorder
Creative Channel’s Manager, Maya Fenoughty, reviews material for a corporate video

Channel Television realised the potential before the present boom and established its own corporate video production unit. Backed by 25 years of experience of its parent company, Creative Channel is in the business of business video offering professional productions recorded, with the latest in television technology.

Creative Channel is proving itself a leader in the field. In this year’s International Television Association Awards Festival, over four hundred entries were judged but only five production companies in Britain were given an Award of Excellence; Creative Channel was one of them.

Recent clients have included local companies, for example Guernsey’s St Pierre Park Hotel, and one of the world’s giants — Kodak.

A cameraman and a soundman
A camera crew on location for Creative Channel

All right, so hundreds of companies in the UK are using video, but how can it help your business in the Channel Islands? That’s a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string type question but let’s take a couple of examples.

A bank specialises in looking after investments for expatriates or clients in the Middle East. Every few months a senior staff member travels to Oman to meet potential clients — good, you cannot beat personal contact in business — but what if your staff member had a video programme which introduced the Channel Islands with our stable governments and finance centres, then went on to show the bank and how its various departments work? It means your potential clients will feel a lot more involved with your bank and how his or her money is going to be invested.

A hotel group sends a sales team on a campaign to the UK or anywhere in Europe (the video programme can be in any language you choose). Brochures and photographs can help, but how much better to show your hotel and what the Channel Islands can offer through moving pictures.

There are many other (Creative) examples where video can help in business. Creative Channel does not pretend that video is the answer to everything, but it can provide that extra something which is the difference between you and your competitors. Creative Channel may be one of the smallest sections of Channel Television, but they’ve got big plans for the next 25 years.


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