A tribute to all who made Channel Television a success, from its new Chairman


The board of directors welcomes you to Channel Television

It is less than a year since I was appointed chairman and it would be impertinent of me to do otherwise than pay tribute to my predecessor in office and to all those who, over the past 21 years have contributed to the success of Channel Television.

In George Troy and Wilfred Krichefski, who are sadly no longer with us, and to Edward Collas whom I am glad to say is still a member of our subsidiary board although his actual, rather than ‘apparent’, age precluded him from remaining as chairman. The foresight, determination and leadership of these three — together with other board members — saw Channel Television through the trauma of its formative years. To the shareholders who originally invested in a ‘high risk’ enterprise and remained loyal throughout a decade of no dividend and, until recently, a minimal return on their investment, our thanks for their fortitude.

To the managing director, Ken Killip also to Brian Turner, who sadly did not live to see this anniversary, and to all the staff, many of whom have been with the company since its formation I would like to pay a special tribute: Without their dedication, co-operation and expertise the company could not have survived in its present form.

Men and a woman sit around a board table; inset, John Riley
The Board of Directors of Channel Television, left to right, David Le Marquand, Martine Kay-Mount, Maurice Letto, The Chairman John Riley (also inset), Harold Fielding, Gervaise Le G. Peek, John Rowe and Ken Killip, OBE

We are in Channel Television today, in effect, a ‘family’, serving a family community of Channel Islanders and we are conscious of the privilege and responsibilities that this entails. We are fortunate too in having ‘benevolent uncles’ in the UK: The IBA and the other companies throughout the network who have been generous in their support of their teenage niece. To all these people I am privileged today to pay tribute but you may well ask ‘what of the future?’

The perks of a chairman do not include a crystal ball but I believe that as now constituted of a group of companies, we are well placed to take advantage of new technology which will enable us to provide every home in both bailiwicks with a variety of world wide information and entertainment without losing the local touch which we so much value.

In conclusion may I thank our audience of whom the vast majority view Channel Report every day and those who place their advertisements with us. Without them we would have neither the right nor the ability to survive.


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